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I am a native Kalinago Indian of the Indigenous people of the Caribbean, born on the Island of the Commonwealth of Dominica (Nature Island). The Caribbean has gotten it's name because of us the indigenous people known as the Caribs. 

Growing up the use of  herbs were often used as bush or morning tea to be had with breakfast, however what stuck with me the most were the herbs used as medicinal herbs for treating various ailments such as fever, cold, intestinal worms and for the treatment of some injures. 

At that time I did not pay much attention to the use herbs until the early 1980's when I become active in sports and started looking at my diet and what I consume, that was when I had renewed interest once more in the use of herbs.

The study of herbs is my passion! My Knowledge came about much research on the web, from books and my association with as the Healthy Islander Health and Wellness Group, which is a membership group registered in Antigua and Barbuda where I now reside. 

The purpose of this blog is to help bring an awareness of the use and richness of the herbs around us in the Caribbean that we take for granted. Many of which  are rich in fatty acids, protein and more. If you want want to express your thoughts or have an interest in herbs, you are invited to share your thoughts and ideas with the community. Feel free to do so with your comments or send us an email

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